7 Techniques For Writing Compelling Email Copy

No matter how fancy your marketing emails look, if they are lacking of well-written content, your subscribers will stop opening, and potentially start deleting, your email messages.

So, how do you write a great marketing email? It all comes down to a few valuable copywriting best practices that you should apply to both the subject line of your message and the message body itself to bolster the performance of your emails and transform your leads into customers.

Because the majority of your email audience voluntarily opted to receive your emails and therefore showed an interest in your brand, company, product or services, it is still one of the best channels for generating revenue copywriting methods to help transform your prospects and leads into customers.

Create a minimum of two versions of your email

To create an email quickly, it’s likely you assume the first draft ticks all the boxes, and therefore it’s also your final draft. Best practice is to write a rough draft, use it to create two variations and then create a more refined third draft. Remember to keep revising until it feels right – for you and therefore for your customers.

Create an amazing subject line

A great subject line is the most important aspect influencing your open rates – a catchy subject line is vital to the success of your campaign. Remember to think outside the box and surprise your audience – ideally in no more than 65 characters. Use a friendly tone and try techniques such as asking a question so your audience takes notice or personalise where appropriate.

Your killer headline

Don’t forget about the importance of the email structure that controls the flow of information – and tells prospects how to view the email content in a desired order.  Using a headline at the top of the email can be the best way to grab your audience’s attention and get them to follow through with your desired action such as making a purchase.

Always place the headline at the very top of your email. You never want to place it below other copy because your audience will read the headline first and ignore the copy above. Structure your emails to mimic a natural reading flow: top-to-bottom and left-to-right.

Don’t worry about the length

Length is not that important when creating a great email – what matters is the substance of your copywriting. Don’t write six paragraphs if you can get your message across in two. The more focused your email is the better, and that focus is your call to action.

Make it about the recipient

Your marketing emails need to be about the prospect and not your brand. Use first-person language such as ‘you’ rather than using ‘we’ to avoid making your brand the focus and focus on being helpful.

Call to action (CTA) best practices

Don’t force your audience to choose between two or more actions. Keep their attention focused on one thing, most likely getting them to click through. This CTA should be a button, and any secondary CTA should ideally be linked text rather than another button.

Remember to structure every aspect of your email to encourage your audience to read through to the whole email. By placing your CTA at the end of the email message, you potentially have the best impact because you’ve created a captivating argument in the main body that helps overcome purchase hesitations.

Phrase your questions so the audience is compelled to agree

Every time you include a question in your email copy, ask yourself if the audience will agree. If not, delete and start again. An example is ‘Do you want to save money on your next shoe purchase?’ If you can an emphatic “yes” straightaway then it becomes easier to convert them and they begin to feel that you “get” them.

Pulling it all together

There are lots of techniques to put in place here, but the key takeaways are: never settle for the first attempt, focus on the audience, use smart copywriting techniques, get your audience to agree with you and follow a predetermined flow of actions. This should result in an email marketing campaign that successfully boosts your conversion rates.