Re-Position Your Brand As A Leading Knowledge Centre

Have you considered that through clever content marketing, you can transform your brand into a leading informational expert?  By correctly positioning your brand, building its authority through the right channels, educating and providing support and advice you can build a powerful value proposition. It’s your opportunity to position your brand as an educator with a far-reaching knowledge in your sector or industry so you become a knowledge centre – the go-to destination for information, advice and relevant and consistent content tailored to your customer.

Here are five steps to get you started:

Know your audience

This is your most important starting point- who is your audience or ideal customer. What do they need? How do they make buying decisions? Having a clear picture helps you create relevant content that will be useful to them. The more details you learn and collect about your potential customer, the easier it will be to get them engaged, align your content and become a knowledge centre for your audience.

Build trust

Building a trusted narrative relevant to your audience provides the best foundation from which to build your unique content approach.  This content does not have a start and end date and shouldn’t be treated as a communications campaign – it’s a credible narrative, a voice of authority providing useful information that not only helps to attracts and keeps your audience and also allows them to contribute and generate content themselves.

Find your niche

Do you have a unique selling point at the heart of your digital strategy? Identify your niche and provide content to show this point of difference. Use your narrative to answer customer’s questions through blogs and website content rather than making your audience read through pages of copy to figure out why you are different. Remember to look at what your competition is saying and position yourself differently.

Add value

Brand positioning gives you clarity on your specific value. Your value is what you offer customers, how it satisfies their needs best, and how the alternatives offered by competitors are insufficient. Consumers what an easy decision and want to know easily and quickly who to trust and what to buy –  if you are the go-to knowledge centre in your industry or sector, you will increase the likelihood for people to buy from you or connect with you.

Keep talking

Finally, remember that once you’ve started out on this journey into content marketing, you need to keep it going – brands must commit to how frequently they can produce new and relevant content.  Consistency is key in your content marketing –  not only consistent in timings,  but also in the quality of your content. If you post regularly with videos, emails, webinars and blogs, your audience can rely on your as a source of insight and information and will depend on your for regular content. Nail it and you start to become that established authority in your thought-leadership area.