Social Media Advertising

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Social Media Advertising

The new mantra for Social Media Advertising is very much ‘Listen before you speak’. Social Marketing is not about gate-crashing a conversation to which you have not been invited in order to sway public opinion or sell your wares. Social Media is a means to gain understanding of the conversations surrounding your brand, your products, your competitors and your marketplace. Only by listening to, and building awareness of, the social landscape can you start to understand and engage.

Strategy to Engagement

Once you understand what is being said about your brand, and who is saying it, you can begin to devise strategies to engage and influence the audience. Found can create your social platform, from design and reporting insight to managing your social voice. By partnering with some of the best engagement tools in the marketplace we can communicate messages to your social audience; from promotions and competitions, to general comments and responses to conversations within your social sphere.

New Promotional Opportunities

Social Media sites not only present multiple routes for social interaction, they are also prospective advertising and promotional platforms, just like search and display marketing. Whether you want to target specific customer-types through their interests, demographic and geographic make-up on Facebook or reward customers for referring your products to their friends, social media can provide a platform for such promotion.

Social Media Advertising Management

Social Media is at its most powerful when you understand before diving in head-first. The first step to social media management is to identify what is being said about your brand and market, and who is saying it. Once you have this information you are able to profile and segment before finally engaging with these individuals or communities.


We help you to understand the impact that Social Media is having on your organisation, your brand and your sector. We will develop a Social Media strategy to enable understanding, engagement and influence.

Research & Insight

We will help you listen to conversations relevant to your brand, your products, your competitors and your sector. From conversation types, to sentiment and key influencers, we will identify your target audiences for your social rollout.


We help you to engage in Social Media from an individual basis right up to large-scale group messaging. We can help to create conversation platforms, promotional campaigns, spread influence, build communities, manage brand reputations and much more.

Community Management

We help to create and grow online communities for your brand. We will help your organisation to develop a branded online community that can increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Reporting & Monitoring

We will provide you with a clear picture of your social environment, your movement, impact and performance.

Full Service includes:

  • Consultancy
  • Research & insight
  • Engagement
  • Sentiment insight
  • Segmentation & profiling
  • Community management
  • In-bound response
  • Social design
  • Facebook stores
  • Reporting & monitoring
  • Conversion tracking
  • Social optimisation