Getting Started With Reddit

Have ever used Reddit? The website has earned it’s name by creating a platform that allows users with similar interests to discuss and curate the best content on the web. Even though it often gets lumped into the same category as big social media platforms it is rather different.

It’s the 7th most popular website globally, has 234 million users worldwide and 8 billion page views per month. Therefore it presents terrific opportunities to reach huge, often highly targeted, audiences, therefore as digital marketers, you should know about it and decide if you want to drive traffic using Reddit.

How it works

Reddit is a social news platform that allows users to discuss and vote on content that other users have submitted. It is made up of thousands of mini communities, known as sub-reddits. Each one is dedicated a topic or interest and will have its own demographic makeup. Every post starts on a sub-reddit and, if it is up-voted by the community enough, it could make it onto the front page which is where the biggest traffic spikes occur. Making it to the front page is very difficult – it requires a carefully curated account that provides value to other redditors.

Since you are able to remain anonymous and have multiple accounts, Reddit tracks your activity and awards Karma points, which are a reflection of your contribution to the conversation. This includes both comments and posts. Users get karma by their comments and links being up-voted by others in the community. If you spam post your unrelated content to Reddit, you are sure to get down-voted consistently by other users. This in turn means Reddit begins to limit how often you are able to submit content to the site.

Despite it being a difficult platform to gain traction in, content marketers can drive traffic with Reddit and build their Reddit engagement.

Starting up

All you need to do to create an account is come up with a username and password. Avoid using your real name or personal info anonymity is welcomed here.

Every new user will automatically be subscribed to the most popular sub-reddits, such as r/videos or r/gifs, but you are also encouraged to explore others.

If you are looking to grow your small business, r/entrepreneur and r/smallbusiness sub-reddits are essential

The reason why Reddit is so useful is because of the wealth of information. This means you should give back in equal measure.

Using Reddit for business

Here are some ways to use Reddit to boost your business

Become part of the community

If you’re going to get a steady stream of traffic from Reddit you need to start by thinking about the value you’re adding to the Reddit community. No one wants to see irrelevant, spammy material that wastes their time. Instead, make sure that everything you post adds something – whether it’s entertainment or information. Reddit is not a platform to shout a marketing message at your customers, it’s a place to interact with them so talk about your business but in a non-salesy way.

Engage with others by commenting on posts – not just your own – share links from other sites and add value to different sub-reddits. . Each week the sub-reddit group selects the best picture and features in the sidebar of their page – it gives a sense of ownership to the community and increases the interaction within that community.

Customer Service

While you should definitely have a reliable and accessible customer service on your official website, you can also help customers which are following you on Reddit. Be there to answer their questions, respond to their comments, and provide solutions to their problems.

Pay Attention to subreddit r/deals Subreddit

This is about as easy as it gets. Inside the r/deals, you can promote your service or product to the people which are interested in becoming your customers. No need to lure them in, they are already there and looking to spend.

Try Paid Ads

Advertising on Reddit is incredibly easy. Unlike all the other platforms and social networks, where you have to spend countless hours trying to address your target audience, on Reddit, it can be found inside the appropriate sub-reddits.

Get feedback

Reddit enables you to get in touch with your customers directly and receive valuable feedback, which can help you improve your product offering, website or customer experience. All you need to do is check what all the Redditors are talking about and there is also a lot of information inside each of the business sub-reddits that you can use.

Use the calendar feature

Brand followers or advocates want to know the latest news and upcoming events, so to keep them engaged and informed, set up a calendar. This could be a diary of events, up an coming offers or a percentage of a target reached. Remember, users use Reddit daily so timely updates are a must.

So, if you do have a product or brand that thrives on interaction and gaining feedback from people, then Reddit is a great place to do it. By adding Reddit into your marketing strategy you can use it as a tool to grow your business.